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Family hair cuts & specailty styles for Proms, Weddings and Quinceañeras.

Specializing in just You!

Leilani's Shear Creations in Tucson, Az offers a comprehansive range of hair cutting, colouring and perming for both male and females with a price structure to suit all budgets.

Their highly trained staff can provide everything from a simple trim to a complete new look.

Voted as "The Best of Tucson" twice!

A winner when it comes to customer satisfaction, reputation for styling & coloring of hair.

To experience the ultimate hair styles & color applications with one of their stylists, make your appointment/reserviation NOW! (520) 294-9812

 Hair Services

• Hair Styling
• Chunking
• Hi-lighting
• Coloring
• Hair Cutting
• Men, Women, Teenagers & Children

Beauty Services

• Full range of hair, face and body treatments.
• Regular Make-up
• Permanent Make-up
• Facials
• Make-overs
• Waxing
• Up-do's
• Bayalage

* Brazilian Blow-out Certified *

About Hair Color (Colour)

Have you ever wondered why those color sample books are so glossy? Is it to hide the lack of colour samples? 50 tubes doesn't give that many choices.
Why does your stylist give you the same colour everytime? When you've told them it's a bit light for you?
Ever noticed other women with the same colour hair as you? Your stylist couldn't be using his favorite color on everyone surely?
Color potency deteriorates over time and in contact with air especially when caps are left off color tubes. (Leilanis Shear Creations' colors are packed in vacum sealed cartridges, keeping them fresh and potent and therefore your hair colors more vibrant and longer lasting).
Ever wondered why your color seems a bit different than last time? Mixing hair color by hand requires skill and time. When a salon is busy mistakes can happen.
Ever noticed part of your hair looks lighter/darker than the rest? Did your stylist run out of color and have to mix more? Leilani's professionals know how to mix colors and know how as much is needed the first time.
Like the color you had last time? Can your salon make it EXACTLY the same again? Is your stylist scratching his head trying to remember what mix they did for you?

Well, Leilani's staff records your hair cut style as well as the color they used on you so that when you return, they can recreate the same service & color for you each and every time.

Want it a little darker than last time? By noting every client's needs, Leilani's staff can make it a shade darker or lighter without have to gues at it.

Want multi-dimensional, life like, highlights? Leilan'i professionals will mix that perfect shade for you.


Now that you read a little bit about Leilanis' Shear Creations, why not give them a try.
Call for your reservation now!
(520) 294-9812 and ask for Leilani, you won't be dissapointed!


A message from the owner Leilani Gomez;

We do a lot of color. We've seen pretty much every request now (although who knows what tomorrow will bring). We've built a strong reputation for amazingly vibrant and life like highlights and tints. We've equally done the wacky, white at the front/ black at the back, reds, pinks, blues, etc etc. It certainly keeps us challenged and learning new techniques all of which helps us better serve evryone's needs.

My staff and I pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and curtious. Most of our clientele are returning satified customers who are treated as specail guest or family. We welcome new clientele that have never have their hair colorede or are not happy with their current hair salon. We understand how scary this proccess \can be but we're here to walk your through each step of the way. Our helpful staff will make sure that you have the best experience. Besides, we want you to recommend us to others. Therefore, I assure you that you will leave completely satified.

Not to get too technical, but if you need to know more about our service:

Highlights - Full Head – All over highlights using foils and our state of the art Color technology. A full Head of highlights will give you an amazing natural multi-dimensional look. We'll also (unlike other salons) use more than one color to achieve this look - We can easily mix shades lighter and darker to give you a real three dimensional natural look. You'll absolutely love it.

Highlights Half Head – Half the amount of foils used for a full head of highlights. This will still give you the multi-dimensional look and again we'll use tones to blend your highlights.

Highlights T-bar - Also known as a ¼ head where the central parting and front fringe colour is refreshed and highlighted (imagine a ‘T’ shape when seen from above). This is great if your roots are starting to show or you just want to refresh your look - everyone will think you just had another full head when really you just refreshed your color.

Floodlighting (1 foil) – one foil highlight added for dramatic effect - it's a great way to try out highlights to see if you like the idea. Highlights start here!

Flying Colours – Freehand colour that is painted onto random pieces of hair suitable for shorter hair styles. This may also be known as a shoe shine and will normally last until the next cut. Again a great way to try out color to see if it's for you.

Tint - An all over permanent colour that lasts between 6-10 weeks. (Pssst, use this to cover gray hair.)
Re-growth - Colouring of roots after having a permanent tint to refresh the look.
Semi-Tint - a semi permanent tint which will wash out after 8-10 washes - if you're scared of colour try this to see if you like it.

Toner / Colour Balancing - sometimes the hair colours can need a little finess to blend naturally into your existing hair colour - toner / colour balancing is our magic in these cases.
Bleach - if you want very light coloured hair we can bleach your hair.

Color Correction / Change – changing colors or correcting a previous salon’s colors (or home color attempt) can be time consuming and requires a great deal of skill. Results cannot be guaranteed because it's hard to know exactly what has been used before. That being said we can normally fix hair disasters.

Combinations - Sometimes a combination of color techniques may be needed to achieve your desired look. Highlights and a toner/ Colour Balancing, a bleach before trying a lighter colour on darker hair or a tint before highlights.

Hair Straightening!

Have you ever dreamed of stick straight, sleek and sexy hair?
You're not alone! So did many of our satisfied customers.

Are you sick of mornings spent fighting your curls and kinks? How much precious time are you actually spending each day, month or year to achieve your dream straight look? What would you do for an extra half hour in bed every morning? Not to mention the damage you do to your hair by constant use of straightening irons on your hair.

Leilani's Shear Creations deliver poker straight hair where others falter. Trust a true professional in leader in hair straightening. We have one of the most experienced hair straightening personel in Tucson.

Only through extensive experience can we 100% guarantee our results.


What ever you and your stylist choose rest assured that you're in very safe hands.......

Call now at (520) 294-9812 ask for Leilani for a free, no obligation consultation.

Or you can e-mail: leilani@leilanisoftucson.com



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